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Sponsor Licence Audits & Compliance

UK employers and education providers who hold sponsorship licences can be audited by the Home Office at any time – so it’s vital to know your duties and responsibilities as a sponsor.

At Permits2Work we don’t just help you attain a sponsor licence, we help you manage it. We offer consultancy and support services to ensure ongoing compliance with the licence terms – tailoring our approach to the specific needs of your organisation.

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Sponsor licence management in more detail

As a licensed sponsor of non EEA nationals, you have a number of responsibilities.

All key personnel appointed to your sponsor licence should be aware of these obligations – which include checking, verifying and recording copies of all UK employees’ right to work in the UK, and constant monitoring of immigration status.

The Home Office carries out unannounced sponsor audits to test and verify ongoing compliance – and if you’ve failed to put appropriate systems and procedures in place, your licence could be suspended or revoked.

This could mean that you are unable to sponsor (or continue sponsoring) any non EEA nationals in your organisation.

You will need to demonstrate how you manage record-keeping, migrant tracking, and migrant and organisation reporting duties. Your organisation may also have additional duties which are specific to the categories you have chosen to sponsor.

Naturally, the systems and procedures you need to put in place will vary depending on the size, scope and nature of your business – but we can advise you on your obligations and how to fulfil them.

We can also provide ongoing management, consultancy and support for as long as you remain a sponsor – basing our recommendations on our vast experience and industry best practice.

Key Personnel

Your sponsor licence will require you to appoint certain key personnel within your organisation to take responsibility for the licence and ongoing compliance. We will help ensure you allocate the right people to these roles.

Reporting duties

You need to make sure that any significant changes are reported through the sponsorship management system within the specified deadlines. We can guide you through all of these.

Changes to your organisation

You need to maintain a valid trading presence in the UK and ensure any organisation changes are reported and evidenced to the Home Office where neccessary.

Some significant changes (such as mergers, takeovers or de-mergers) may require a new sponsor licence application to be made. This can be a complex area requiring careful analysis and advice.

How to Get Started

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