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Certificate of Sponsorship & Resident Labour Market Test

As a UK employer looking to sponsor non-EEA nationals under the Tier 2 visa scheme, you must adhere to certain Home Office procedures – assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship to your potential employee and  placing advertisements of the role on offer, to meet the requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test.

We are here to help you get your applications right first time. We’ll ensure that any Certificate of Sponsorship assigned on your behalf is in line with relevant policy guidance, and we’ll advise you on the specific requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test – which vary significantly depending on the role you’re recruiting for.

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Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) in more detail

The COS is a virtual document, assigned to the person you intend to sponsor. It contains a unique reference number, together with details of that person and the role you have offered them. Any significant changes to the person’s duties may require a new application.

Certificates of Sponsorship must be assigned in accordance with Home Office policy guidance at the time of application. If assigned incorrectly, it can lead to an unnecessary refusal.

Note that a valid COS does not guarantee a successful application – your potential new employee must still meet all relevant criteria for that visa tier or category.

Resident Labour Market Test in more detail

Before sponsoring a person under the Tier 2 general visa category, you are normally required to undertake a Resident Labour Market Test, to prove that you cannot find those skills within the UK. Tier 2 shortage occupations are exempt from the test.

The specific requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test vary depending on the role you’re recruiting for, but after assessing your case, we will advise you and manage the process to ensure compliance.

If you do not follow the Resident Labour Market Test procedures correctly, your Certificate of Sponsorship could be cancelled and action taken against you.

How to Get Started

If your business or organisation requires consultancy services on the Certificate of Sponsorship or Resident Labour Market Test process, our experts can help. Call us on 01793 836 010 or complete our quick Enquiry form on the right.


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